Making Music Everywhere

Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado,Texas, Arizona

Born into a large musical family, Brian began playing guitar at the ripe old age of 10, taking lessons from Sister Rose during Catholic grade school.  Brian's love of vocal harmony was formed from years of listening to his father's barbershop quartet and being force-fed CSN records by his older siblings.

Brian's musical journey took him from the Midwest to Texas, then to Arizona.  While in Texas he co-founded The DayJob Refugees Band, enjoying a continuous run with the same core line-up of fantastic musicians for over 25 years, opening for such notible acts as REO SpeedWagon, .38 Special and Blue Oyster Cult.  Brian spent 6 years in the desert Southwest where he quickly established himself in the Phoenix acoustic music scene.  Now back in the DFW area, he continues solo, duo and full band gigs with DJR!  

In a never-ending quest for sonic fun and adventure, Brian has added live looping and real-time harmonies to his solo acoustic show.  He's also accepted the challenge of mastering the harp guitar and the Amicus, a mandolin-like instrument. Both have begun to make appearances in his shows.